Knives and Needles

Where Chefs can talk tattoos and Tattooers can talk food



Knives and Needles Blog is my latest blog, welcome! This is a blog that I started because I have a passion for food and a love for tattoos. I am a professional sushi chef of over 13 years and have worked all over the world for more than a decade. Over my travels working in various kitchens, I always noticed how many chefs are tattooed. Not only tattooed, but many heavily tattooed. I myself am pretty heavily tattooed. Not to get too deep but this has always interested me and I think that chefs and tattooers have similar personality types; artistic, transient punks who are traditionally low-lifes of society working in a thankless profession. Tattooing and the chef profession have both seen a 180 to their popularity and reputation in recent years with t.v. shows and celebrity stars being formed in this modern-day atmosphere. I want to give all those tattooed chefs the chance talk about something other than food  and  give foodie tattooers a chance to talk about something other than their work with this blog! My friend Ellen Murphy, a tattoo artist from NYC, and Marcus Bui the shop-guy at State of Grace Tattoo are contributing writers as well as myself. And there may be others in the future…! My friend Eric Alegria is helping with this blog as well! Thank you for reading this blog and follow us!  There will be interesting interviews with your favorite chefs and tattooers, amazing recipes, cooking tips and beautiful photos of food and tattoos being shared here, don’y miss out!

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  1. Cristina on said:

    This has become one of my favorite blogs. Looking forward to more posts. Thanks for putting this together.

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