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Tattoo Tuesday!

Big Chuck from Relentless Tattoo in Sacramento, CA gives us this awesome sacred avocado!


“The person who wanted it had the basic idea of wanting an Avocado sacred heart. I was stoked to do it because avocados are my favorite fruit (second favorite: BANANAS!) and also I love religious iconography. Happily, an open avocado is naturally heart shaped so that was nice. I added a little tomato to act as the stem, since it was both a nice fit, and because the two items are often paired together in delicious dishes such as guacamole. Overall I was very inspired by an old Dave Waugh “sacred heart” flash page I’ve seen a few times. Kinda just has a whimsical vibe or whatever. It’s farmers market time right now in Sacramento which means until October I can eat a perfect, delicious avocado every single day. And I will!”

Thank you, Chuck!

If you have a food tattoo you’d like us to show on Knives and Needles, email a photo of it along with artist credit and a little back story to

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