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Surf n Turf Kabobs

Hey guys, I want to share with you this kabob recipe. I think it’s great to have for summer BBQ’s or just a quick meal at home on the skillet. This recipe will yield about 12-15 kabobs. What you’ll need is:

  • ½ lb flank steak
  • ½ lb fresh halibut
  • ½ lb fresh tilapia
  • 2 bell peppers (I chose 1 golden and 1 green)
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cooking skewers

Cut the bell peppers into bite sized pieces. The cherry tomatoes you can use whole. Cut the flank steak and fish into bite sized pieces also. I separated them and seasoned them with salt, pepper, red pepper, cumin, & garlic powder.

Now for the fun part, assembling the kabobs. Be careful because I pricked myself a few times. I went with this pattern– protein-vegetable-vegetable-protein and so on. I made it so there was one piece of each protein on the kabob.


I used a stove top skillet to cook these bad boys. Just spray a bit of olive oil on the skillet before cooking so everything doesn’t stick to it. Make sure you rotate the kabobs so they cook evenly. Cook them however you like but I would make sure that the fish is fully cooked. I served mine with a spinach & arugula salad along with an ice cold Anchor Lager beer.


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