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Chris Brand


Oh man, Chris is one of my favorite friend’s of my husbands. He is one of the most energetic and inspiring people you will ever meet. His positive energy radiates and immediately makes you feel at home wherever you are. He also happens to be one of the best tattooers out there these days.

Besides all that, Chris really loves food. He is a definite foodie and from what he says, one of the top foods on his list is ramen. Not just your average Top Ramen variety though. Chris is a real ramen man! Legend has it, Chris and his lady Jackie made a ramen tour of Japan a few years ago and ate so much ramen Jackie’s ankles swelled from all the sumptuous but sodium-laden broth that goes into the noodle soup, talk about commitment! Needless to say that cut Jackie’s part in the ramen tour short and in a show of solidarity Chris refrained from consuming more ramen as well, what a gentleman! Chris’s love for ramen has translated itself into his paintings/artwork and he has been gracious enough to let us all have a look-see!

Check them out below!












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Have a great day and enjoy!


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One thought on “Chris Brand

  1. Ross Viator on said:

    Best dude! Such an inspirational human being. And you’re right about him always radiating positivity.

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