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Stan Moore

Happy Monday everybody! Today I have a killer interview with chef Stan Moore done by my friend Eiland Hogan of Forever Tattoo out of Sacramento, so….

Read on!!


Stan Moore chef Interview

By Eiland Hogan

 E:  What’s your name and where are u from? How old are u?

S: My name is Stan I’m from Stevenville Texas 2 hours south of Dallas I’m 37


E: How long have u been cooking professionally? Were do u currently work?

S: I’ve been cooking 20 years… And currently work at taste in Plymouth, CA


E: Where are some of your favorite restaurants you’ve worked at?

S: The Kitchen (which is Sacramento’s nicest restaurant) and the water boy …


E: Who inspired you to start cooking?

S: My mom…. I hated her cooking…. Lol!!! But seriously


E: Did you go to culinary school?

S: No


E: Have you traveled for work?

S: I went to New York for the James Beard…. It’s the highest achievement to do in America … (America’s Michelin Star)


E: Where would be your food paradise?

S: Vietnam 


Tattoo questions


E: When was the first time you saw a tattoo?

S: I was 8 years old… It was a death before dishonor… Eagle globe and anchor… On my uncle…I was a disgruntled youth… So I was basically hooked from there and couldn’t wait to get tattooed


E: Who inspired you to get a tattoo?

S: I just always wanted to…. Maybe because I couldn’t join the service? 


E: What artist’s did most of your tattoos?

S: Eric Hogan your brother… And mostly all the guys at American Graffiti in Sacramento… Wrath…Tycho Veldhoen…. Rob Hostetter…and the rest of the guys


E: Who’s next on your list to get tattooed by… Or who is doing amazing work these days

S: I’ve always wanted to get tattooed by Scott Sylvia …. An 8 legged Viking or something from Chad Koeplinger would be rad.


Photos courtesy of Stan Moore and Eiland Hogan


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