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Joey The Kid


Joey is a cool guy with a bright future. He is a young tattoo artist at Strong Tattoo in sunny San Jose but don’t let that fool you, Joey the Kid is coming up fast! Joey just graduated high school, has already been tattooing a year (I wish I‘d started cooking that early!) AND is getting ready to head off to college in the fall!

Needless to say he is one busy dude so I quickly sat down with him and picked his final-exams-ridden brain about food and what he likes to eat. Joey also gave me a couple killer recipes that I shared at the end of this blog, what a guy!

… So read on!


M: Tell me a little bit about your background.

J: So here’s a little bit about my background. I grew up and currently live in beautiful San Jose, California. Throughout most of my life I have always been intrigued by art and tattooing from being surround by the culture. Ever since I have been very grateful for the opportunities of having to meet and become friends with some really great artists at State of Grace. In 2006 my father started strong tattoo, at the time both strong tattoo and state of grace were at the same location, right next to 45’s forever. Strong didn’t get life until state of grace moved out in 2006 where it was Venjamin Jimenez and Dan Moses. Having the opportunity to become a tattoo artist I decided to take a stand and begin my tattooing career. I did my first tattoo ever on my self in August of 2012, a simple rose on my leg and since then I’ve been nonstop.

M: Right on! So how long have you been tattooing now?

J: I can say I’ve been tattooing about a year now. I’m very thankful for he opportunity of being able to be surrounded by the great artist at Strong Tattoo and for the family at State Of Grace


M: What do you usually like to cook?

J: When I cook I don’t have a wide variety of foods I make but the variety I do have is one I like a lot. Most of the time I usually will be making burritos of some sort. The types of burritos are eggs and bacon, chorizo and eggs and of course beans and cheese. I do like to make other things besides burritos like pancakes and French toast.

M: Are you a picky eater?

J: When I was younger I used to be a very picky eater; I only stuck to the same food over and over. I guess I grew out of that stage of being picky and wanted to try something new. I now try to eat whatever I can and am always looking for a good meal to eat.


M: Its good to expand your horizons! So what do you usually eat at work?

J: At work my diet isn’t exactly the best. Most of the time you will catch me eating a five-dollar Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready Pizza. I try to go out and get a sandwich but I’m always going for that pizza.

M: Haha! Do you admire any chefs?  If so, who?

J: I don’t really have any top chefs but I do love my friends and family’s meals. My grandparents are always cooking up great Mexican food that I can’t resist and my pops is in love with his new smoker and is always putting racks of ribs on the table, I can’t complainant all.


M: Do you have any advice for those future foodies out there that may have some reservations about strange foods?

J: Some advice I have for those foodies is just to eat everything and anything. There are so many different types of food out there and you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Joey’s recipes, try them out!


Recipe 1

Mint Mojito iced coffee


– Fresh mint

– 1/3 cup coffee preferably Philz Tesora

– 1/4c Creamer in Sweet Cream flavor


The directions

– Add about 10 mint leaves into the bottom of your cup and smash them with a spoon to get the mint flavor

– Add ice cubes

– Add 1/3 cup of coffee

-Add 1/4c creamer


– Now enjoy 🙂


Recipe 2

Oreo truffles


– Half a bag of Nestlé white chocolate

– About a row of Oreos

– 1/3 of plain cream cheese


The Directions

-Crush 1 row of Oreos In a zip lock Baggie until crumbles

-Mix crushed Oreos with 1/3 of cream cheese

– Roll mixed Oreos and cream cheese in small balls then put in freezer for 10 minutes

– Microwave 1/2 a bag of white chocolate in a bowl until melted

-Take Oreos out of freezer and dip them into white chocolate until they are completely covered

– Let truffles dry for 10 minutes then enjoy:)


Thank you so much, Joey, that Oreo recipe looks decadent as hell!

*If you have a recipe or food tattoo you would like to share, email us at

We would love to share you work, from the kitchen or from the studio!!

Have a great day : )

Photos courtesy of Joey the Kid

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  1. Mrs. Mike Carrillo on said:

    Good for you kid! nice seeing you grow from a little boy to a man

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