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Tattoo Tuesday!!


Tattoo by Matt Adams!!

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Thank you and have a great day!!!!

Dominic Ramos!

Today we have the talented Dominic Ramos…

So read on!!


Hello my name is Dominic Ramos; I’m a cook who has obtained an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of San Antonio. I currently belong to a club that goes by the name Cutthroat Culinary. We are a worldwide group that believes in the passion of cooking. The passion of cooking, and tasting the most wonderful foods began immediately after I cooked my first egg at the age of six.

Molly: How long have you been a chef?

Dominic: I don’t consider myself a Chef, as a chef to me is a title that is earned, and may take many years to gain the respect required in being called a Chef. I am just a cook.

M: Where do you work now?

D: I own a food truck, Gourmet on the Fly. We have been in business for almost one year. I love being my own boss and I love that I make my own hours.


M: When did you start getting tattooed?

D: My first tattoo, along with several others, was a homemade one a cross and the word “mom” on my left hand. It was about 10 years ago when I experienced my first professional tattoo.

M: What was it and do you still have it?

D: My first professional tattoo was a dragon on the inside of my right arm, I do still have it, and it still looks new. I couldn’t believe that I was spending hundreds of dollars on a tattoo, but it was well worth a thousand dollars.

M: What is your favorite piece and why?

D: My favorite piece is my Chef tat. Two reasons why: first, it was a cover up and second it represents me.


What drew you to tattoos initially?

I think what drew me to tattoos was the fact that my body would be a walking canvas. I have always loved art. Most of all my tattoos are free hand. I didn’t want to have the same tattoo as anyone else or someone having the same tattoo as me.

M: Why do you think the tattoo industry and the culinary industry are so intertwined?

D: Well both industries have artist. The tattoo artist, his canvas is the body; to a Chef, the plates are his canvas. Both industries can create beautiful, Tasteful, and respectful art.


M: Have you noticed this correlation (or lack thereof) in your travels in other countries?

D: Yes I have.  I believe tattoos on Chefs and Artists are battle scars or small stories of their lives. Everyone has a story to tell.

M: Do you have a tattoo experience that stands out for any reason? Funny/sentimental?

D: As stated earlier about my favorite tattoo, which is the Chef one, was a cover up. I was a girls name on my arm.  Well, one of my favorite tattoo artists, Mike Adair, was going to be in Austin. I called him to setup an appointment to do a cover up. When we starting talking about what I wanted and where I wanted it; I showed him my arm with the girl’s name. He laughed and said, “I figured you would want that covered up.” It was his sister’s name and he was the one who tatted the name in the first place.

M: Any cooking advice for a novice?

D: Stay true to your heart. Your food will taste of happiness.


M: What recipe would you suggest for our readers?

D: I would say my Avocado Cilantro dipping sauce.

Dominic’s Avocado cilantro dipping sauce

4 Avocados (ripened)

1 bunch of Cilantro, trimmed

2 lemons, juiced

1 cup of sherry wine

1 tbsp of garlic powder

1 tbsp of onion powder

1 pinch of salt and pepper

4 tbsp of mayo

Place on ingredients in a blender or ninja. Chop or blend until all corporate. Add more salt and pepper to taste. Serve or chill covered.


Thank you Dominic!

If you have any food tattoo photos or recipes you would like to share, we would love to feature you!

Tattoo Tuesday!

Ryan Davidson gave us this rad sandwich for Tattoo Tuesday!

“Rob Nuñez did it back in 2006. Was my last day as the shop guy at HB Tattoo, and I wanted a food tattoo from him. He asked me what I liked to eat, I said ‘chicken sandwiches’, and that was it.”

Thanks, Ryan!

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Tattoo Tuesday!

This week’s submission is brought to us by Myra Oh, an artist at Diadem Tattoo in Orange Park, FL.

Myra says “Thanks for checking out my work! I did this tattoo a couple weeks ago on Jake Mott of Champagne, Illinois. He is quite the pizza fanatic and once ate nothing but pizza for 13 days straight! Thank you for the chance to be featured on your blog!”

Thank you, Myra! If you have done or have a food tattoo you’d like us to feature, please email a photo (along with backstory and artist credit) to!

Tattoo Tuesday!

Guen Douglas is a tattooer (and a babe!) from Amsterdam who has this awesome cheeseburger she wanted to share with us!

“This huge cheeseburger tattoo was done by Dave Knight from PCS Montreal, and over the years I’ve done a fair amount of food tattoos! This is such a fun idea!!”

Check Guen out at Salon Serpent in the Netherlands, and at!

If you have a food tattoo you’d like us to show on Knives and Needles, email a photo of it along with artist credit and a little back story to

Tattoo Tuesday!

Big Chuck from Relentless Tattoo in Sacramento, CA gives us this awesome sacred avocado!


“The person who wanted it had the basic idea of wanting an Avocado sacred heart. I was stoked to do it because avocados are my favorite fruit (second favorite: BANANAS!) and also I love religious iconography. Happily, an open avocado is naturally heart shaped so that was nice. I added a little tomato to act as the stem, since it was both a nice fit, and because the two items are often paired together in delicious dishes such as guacamole. Overall I was very inspired by an old Dave Waugh “sacred heart” flash page I’ve seen a few times. Kinda just has a whimsical vibe or whatever. It’s farmers market time right now in Sacramento which means until October I can eat a perfect, delicious avocado every single day. And I will!”

Thank you, Chuck!

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Tattoo Tuesday!

My good friend Christie Walker has a few adorable food tattoos. The cupcake was done by Lindsey Carmichael, and the fruit was done by Dan Smith


Thank you, Christie, for sharing your food tattoos with us! Check out her blog, for some healthy cooking ideas!

If you have a food tattoo you’d like us to show on Knives and Needles, email a photo of it along with artist credit and a little back story to

Tattoo Tuesday!

Our friend John Niederkorn (johndotcom) over at Tattoo Artist Magazine has gotten some pretty rad food tattoos over the years. One in particular came from the legendary Mike Malone, I’m so glad he wanted to share it, and the great story that goes along!

John- This story started when I got a job at Taylor St. Tattoo in 2005-2006-ish. I had met Chris Smith (or Chis Smiff, he loves that) through some mutual friends and he asked me if I was interested in working at the shop one day a week, just doing the counter…

So “Name Day” became my litmus test at Taylor St. and Keith Underwood hired me despite me being late on the first day… But that’s another story altogether. Anyway… One day a week turned into two, two into three…etc. Boom! I’m there 65 hours and five days a week by spring 2006.

So, Rollo and I had spent quite a bit of time together prior to my birthday on March 20th. Often I would come in early (earlier than I had too) just to hang out with him and Keith. He’d always be there… Smoking his cigar (inside the shop mind you) painting, telling stories, selling crap on e-Bay so he could buy more crap from e-Bay… you know, the usual… Ha ha!

One of these Keith/Rollo mornings I was playfully bitching about getting tattooed on my birthday because I had never been tattooed on my actual birthday before, and for whatever reasons nobody at the shop could do it on that day specifically… So I was airing my disappointment aloud…

“I’ll do the damn thing… when’s your birthday?” Rollo said.

Okay, now you have to understand something about Rollo… At this point he was telling some people he didn’t want to tattoo them or he would turn people down ALL the time… People would drive (sometimes from very far away) to see him and try to get a little tattoo from him and he would just say, “No, sorry… not feeling it today…” and poof… he’d disappear into the walls… Ha!

In fact, I had just recently witnessed one of these denials go down. So the thought of asking the shop Dragon to tattoo me was the furthest thing from my mind… And never in a million years did I think he was just gonna offer…

Then the discussion turned quickly to “what would you get” and I kinda still hadn’t caught my breath from the idea that this “Living Legend” who fucking turns people away left and right, is now having a mini impromptu consultation with me…

“Um…um… I… Hmmm… well… The thing with the stuff and… goo…”

“GET A BIRTHDAY CAKE!” Keith screamed from the back office, undoubtedly with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and one still burning in the ashtray…

“Oh! I like food tattoos…” Rollo said, and I could see the wheels of excitement spinning in his brain. And then he started to tell me a story about this ice cream cone tattoo he did at Jerry’s shop in Hawaii on a sailor, and how much he loved doing that tattoo and how much the sailor loved it and how little Rollo charged him because he liked the idea so much… And then I think he said the sailor came back and told Rollo how much the ladies liked his ice cream tattoo… and then shit just kept getting more awesome…

Rollo tells me how he’s going to make it chocolate with “jap pink” frosting, just furiously describing this factious cake like it was sitting in front of him…

I’m in! Wonderful idea, thank you Keith and now I’m hungry!

So that’s kinda how that went down… That’s how I got my birthday cake from Rollo… Now him “actually” tattooing me… That’s a story for close friends… and it’s pretty damn funny too.


What a great story, thank you so much John!

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