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But what is it about smoking that makes us so tempted to reach for the cigarettes after sex? And could vaping after sex replace the smoking phenomenon?

We take a look at whether post-coital vaping could be the next big thing. Updated: 26th Jan Why do we smoke after sex? But why is this? After the relaxation period comes the buzz.

Giving your system a hit of nicotine into your bloodstream restricts blood vessels and increases heart rate. This will give a person a light buzz.

Because the heart is pumping blood a Hot wife want nsa Carthage faster it can make the refractory period shorter and desire may return faster. In other words, you may want sex again sooner after smoking.

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After sex some people want to sit back and have a moment to themselves to reflect on what just happened. Smoking while doing this often helps people focus their thoughts.

It could just be plain habit. If a smoker has gone without smoking for the duration of sex and perhaps for a while before, they are simply craving nicotine.

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Needless to say, vaping is becoming increasingly popular. But could the e-cig settle the post-sex nicotine craving that cigarettes satisfy?

E-cigs contain an electable amount of nicotine, without the thousands of other chemicals that accompany it in a tobacco cigarette. Also, because e-cigs are so efficient, they can generate the same amount of nicotine as a traditional cigarette with fewer drags.

After asking the people of Reddit whether the post-sex vape was as good as the post-sex smoke, responses seemed to be mixed. The majority however, claimed they do not crave an e-cig after sex in the same Wahpeton ND adult personals they did the traditional cigarette.

Nevertheless, if less addictive, vapers can avoid the all-consuming need to smoke and avoid an irritated partner Bottom wants plowed of smelling like an ashtray. Do you vape after sex?

Let us know in the comments!