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Jeff Gogue


I had heard Jeff Gogue was a foodie through my husband. So imagine how excited I was to hear that Jeff had agreed to have a chat with me about food. This was the first time I had ever gotten the chance to sit down with Jeff one-on-one, and I have to say that he is very genuine and very nice. His humble attitude is almost shocking as he is one of the most talented tattoo artists out there today and could have every right to be not as nice as he is.

 We mostly spoke about food, what Jeff’s favorite things to cook and eat are. We also spoke about his love of fishing. Jeff grew up fishing around Lake Tahoe but now lives in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. It sounds scenically stunning and really chill, have to make it up there one day! Just imagine the seasonal foods you could forage in the abundant wildlife up there! Jeff and his wife recently took a fishing trip up the Puget Sound where he caught some pretty impressive-looking salmon. The trip sounded fun and like a real adventure with the crisp sea air and ice-cold sea!

Jeff likes cooking (and eating!) fish in pretty much any way you could think of preparing it. He also loves a good pork chop or a rare steak on occasion. But he really tries to stay on a healthy diet and exercise regime. His favorite lunch at work consists of a young coconut filled with berries and Chia seeds. That actually sounds amazing and I will have to try it out myself! When he does have a cheat day, he loves to chow down on a burger with peanut butter. While that may sound strange, I think it is reminiscent of Thai beef with peanut sauce. Very innovative! Anyone have a good recipe for either?

An interesting fact about Mr. Gogue is he actually wanted to be a chef at one point in his life and had even taken a cooking class on one of his trips to France!

Here are some photos of Jeff, hope this inspires you to get tattooed or get in the kitchen!!
























Thank you Jeff!!!!  You can catch more of Jeff and what he’s up to at any of these fine places:


If you have food tattoos, recipe or are a tattooed chef or foodie tattooer- we want to talk to you!

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Paris Tattoo Convention, 2013


So I went to Paris! And not only did I go to Paris with my lovely husband, Taki (and two other couples and a friend; Horiken of State of Grace and his wife Naomi, and Steve Looney of Pacific Soul and his wife Dani and their friend Richard!) but we worked the Paris Tattoo Convention put on by the legendary TinTin. It was an amazing convention, the energy was like a huge party with some serious tattooing going on! There were around 300 artists in a huge multi-leveled complex that used to be a huge morgue in Parisian history, so cool! The convention had everything from cool French rock bands and a huge candy counter to world-class tattooers and over 10,000 of the Parisian public. It was great to see friends we normally only get to see at my husband’s SFO Convention of the Tattoo Arts every October or only if we are in Europe. We made new friends as well, two in particular. Horiken started and finished a whole sleeve on a cool guy named Roman in two days, and we actually hung out with him and his girlfriend, Mathilde, the next day! Everyone had a great time, and this convention was a huge success as far as we were concerned!  Thank you TinTin!!

Here are some photos of the things I and my friends caught on camera from the weekend… Enjoy!




















Photos by Naomi Hori, Horitaka and me

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