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Shawn Brown

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Shawn Brown. Hardcore legend. Amazing tattooer. All-around cool guy. I had the honor of meeting Shawn and his wife, Michelle, a beautiful and talented photographer. Every time we hang out its continual laughs and high adventures (Japan <3)! Shawn lives in Washington DC and used to be the singer of legendary bands Dag Nasty, Jesus Eater, and Swiz. He is currently singing for Red Hare, they are definitely worth checking out! Shawn tattoos out of Tattoo Paradise, owned by Matt Knopp, so if you are ever in the DC area, you need to stop in and get a tattoo! In the meantime, read on and check out Shawn, his work and his mouth-watering tri-tip and vegetarian recipes!!

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Marinaded Tri-Tip


2 bunch cilantro ( about 1 cup firmly packed)

2Tbsp fresh oregano

2Tbsp chopped onion

4 cloves garlic

1/2 cup olive oil

2Tbsp red wine vinegar

1Tbsp lime juice

1tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

Cut about 1 inch from bottom of parsley and add to food processor with rest of ingredients.

About 4-5 to for pulses should do depending on if you like chunky or fine. Let stand for about 1-2 hrs in fridge. Remove, let it come to room temp and serve. Enjoy!

You can keep in fridge for a week or store in a ice tray in freezer. This way you will have

Portioned cubes for later use.

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Wood grilled Tri -Tip

2 pound tri-tip steak

1/4 cup olive oil

4 cloves garlic finely chopped

1 Tbsp finely chopped rosemary leaves

Lemon juice

Sea Salt & pepper

chimichurri ( for serving, see above for recipe)

Mix olive oil,garlic,rosemary, and lemon juice together,add to a bowl set aside.

Pat dry Tri-tip with a paper towel,rub down with salt and pepper followed by the previously

Made marinade. Let marinade in fridge for about 1hr, remove, and get your grill ready.

Let meat come to room temp before placing on grill. This way the meat will cook even.

I like wood charcoal. I fill my chimney with lump charcoal, start and let the coals go until they are red hot. I then place charcoal to one side of grill.

Let the grill heat for about 15 min. Clean your grates and rub with oil.

Place tri-tip over coals, cover and cook for 5 min. Rotate the steak to a 90 degree angle,cover with meat over coals and cook 5 more minutes.

Flip the tri-tip and grill over coals and cook

same as above, rotating once at 90 degrees during cooking.  Each side should be a deep brown with great grill marks.

I use a thermometer to reach an internal temp of 125 degrees, this is a good medium rare.

Remove the tri-tip for grill to your cutting board,tent with foil and let rest for 10 minutes.

When it’s time to serve remember to cut against grain. Serve with your chimichurri.

Marinated and grilled tofu

Take a 1pound block of firm or better yet extra firm tofu,freeze and then thaw.

When thaw squeeze water from tofu and then pat dry with a paper towel.

Cut into cubes or slices.

I then make a marinade. It’s usually a soy sauce or teriyaki based one but you can use whatever you like. I let marinade for about to 2 sometimes overnight depending on time or

How much flavor I want in the tofu.

I like I mentioned above I love wood!

Use lump charcoal,fill my chimney and let coals get red hot. ( you can use the coals from the above  recipe. If you are cooking for veg-vegan folks you should clean the grate well and wipe down with apple cider vinegar or change grate.) when coals are red place to one side of grill.

Cook tofu over coals for about a minute,rotate 90 degrees and cook another minute.

Flip tofu and cook same as above.  Remember to keep an eye on tofu! Burnt tofu sucks! Move tofu away from coals to the cool side,open top and bottom vents,cover and cook 8- 10 minutes more.

Remove from grill and serve.

There are many marinades and bbq sauces you can try with this.


When using bbq sauce I like to add it to the tofu at the end of cooking on the indirect side by basting and letting cook for an additional 5 min.

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Grilled vegetables

Green beans





Cherry tomato

Brussel sprouts

Sea Salt


Red chili flakes

Olive oil balsamic vinegar

Try and measure out vegetables in even proportion ,mix together with oil,vinegar,red chili, sea salt and pepper in a bowl. I then grab my grill basket and place it over a medium hot grill. I then place vegetables in basket and place on grill for 5-7 minutes toss and flip for a total of 10-20 minutes depending on the type vegetables used or how done I want them.

Remove from grill and serve.

Remember if you still have hot coals you can still use them to cook with!

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Thank you Shawn and Michelle!!

Photos were taken by the lovely Michelle Roberts

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